Systematic trading programs for currency investors

Our innovative technology helps clients with their investment decisions, maximise returns and manage their currency exposures.

Systematic trading programs for currency investors

Our unique programs aim to maximize returns while controlling risk exposure, based on our proprietary trend following technology.

Systematic trading programs for currency investors

Our programs combine extensive market experience with unique technological innovation and robust risk management.

Tracking currency trends to inform trade decisions

Our approach

We adopt a scientific approach to the development of our trading programs. We test them extensively across a range of economic environments and incorporate model components that have a sound underlying rationale.

Our services

Our programs have been specifically adapted for trading the G10 currencies (USD versus EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF, AUD, NOK, SEK & NZD), together with a portfolio of related cash or near cash assets. These are amongst the most liquid markets in the world.

Our technology

Our currency programs were first implemented on an advisory basis in November 2009. They have been successfully operated and tested since then, as well as being subject to further development and extensive out of sample testing.

About us

Seagray specialises in systematic trading programs, currently operating exclusively within the global currency markets. Our unique proprietary technology has been developed and refined specifically to maximise returns and manage currency exposures.

A unique blend of technological advancement and innovation, market experience and risk management lies at the heart of the services offered by Seagray.